Alfred y Betty M. v. FCA US LLC

Condado de Los Angeles

Nuestros abogados tuvieron el placer de representar a Alfred y Betty M. en su caso contra Chrysler que involucró un Dodge Durango 2013, comprado en Motor Village L.A. en agosto de 2013.  Desafortunadamente para Betty y Alfred, el vehículo desarrolló problemas electrónicos dentro del primer año, y a partir de ahí las cosas empeoraron.  En particular, su Durango sufrió sacudidas de la transmisión y aceleración excesiva, problemas con el motor, fallas al arrancar y otros problemas serios en su propiedad.  Si bien Chrysler intentó arreglar el vehículo varias veces, no pudo hacerlo.  Después de que nuestros abogados intervinieran, pudimos negociar un acuerdo excepcional para Betty y Alfred, que incluía casi el triple de lo que pagaron por el Durango.  Como un bono adicional, Chrysler ordenó a la Corte Superior de Los Ángeles pagar todos los honorarios y costos de los abogados de nuestros clientes.

Carl and Cathy C. v. FCA US LLC

Condado de Riverside, California

Nuestros abogados tuvieron el gran placer de representar a Carl y Cathy C., una pareja de jubilados de Palm Desert, California, en su caso contra la FCA relacionado con su problemático Jeep Grand Cherokee 2012.  El Jeep de Carl y Cathy sufrió problemas de suspensión, problemas del cuerpo del vehículo y estructurales, problemas electrónicos y no conformidades graves adicionales a la garantía.  Su caso fue juzgado ante un jurado de ocho tribunales federales de Los Ángeles en octubre de 2018, tanto por violaciones de la Ley Song Beverly como por fraude al consumidor.  Estuvimos muy contentos de que el jurado dictaminara a favor de nuestros clientes en todos los reclamos y le devolviera a Carl y Cathy todo su dinero, una pena civil igual al doble de lo que pagaron por el vehículo, y 500.000 dólares en daños punitivos contra Chrysler por fraude.

Sandy S. v. FCA US LLC

Condado de Fresno

Nuestro cliente, Sandy, es una abuela motociclista del condado de Fresno que compró un problemático Jeep Liberty 2011 de Fresno Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram en diciembre de 2010.  Su Jeep Liberty presentó varios problemas con el motor y la electrónica y nunca pudo cumplir con la garantía de Chrysler durante el tiempo en que era propietaria del vehículo.  Chrysler se negó a hacer lo correcto por Sandy, y llevamos su caso a juicio en el Distrito Este de California, Tribunal de Distrito de los Estados Unidos.  El jurado emitió un veredicto a favor de Sandy y le devolvió todo su dinero más una penalización civil significativa.  Después de su juicio, el tribunal ordenó además que la FCA pagara todos los honorarios y costos del abogado de Sandy.

Mechanic working on an engine of a Kia vehicle.

Engine Problems in Kia Optima and Sorento Vehicles

By: Sepehr Daghighian, Esq.

Kia Motors Corporation is a 75-year-old Korean multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Seoul. The Kia Sorento is a popular midsize SUV sold by Kia.  In spite of its popularity, the Sorento has recently fallen prey to several complaints of severe engine issues. Meanwhile, the Kia Optima is a sedan that features new technology and impressive amenities. However, in spite of possessing a reliable reputation in the market, the Optima has faced numerous complaints regarding engine failure issues. 

If you have faced any engine issues with your Kia Optima or Sorento, CCA is here to help! We invite you to call our experts today for a free consultation: (833) LEMON-FIRM.

What Are Some Common Engine Issues in Kia Optima and Sorento? 

The majority of the owners’ complaints for Kia Optima and Sorento vehicles are engine defects that buzzing sounds, engine failure, knocking sounds and more.

In both Optima and Sorento, Engine defects are persistent problems that don’t have easy solutions. Causes of Engine failure are vast; typically, they are categorized into four groups: Overheating, Miss-assembly, Lubrication, and Detonation issues. Unfortunately, many Optima and Sorento owners find that Kia’s dealerships are unable to timely fix their vehicles and their engines prematurely fail. 

Kia owners commonly complain of vehicle stalls and strange noises, before their engines completely fall apart.  For instance, one owner of a 2017 Kia Sorento described the issue as follows: “I leased a 2017 KIA Sorento EX V6 AWD on Feb. 23, 2017. Within two weeks, and less than 500 miles, there was a buzzing sound on start up that lasted for 5 minutes or so. The dealer I took it to took two days to diagnose the problem. The oil pump failed and the engine was full of metal pieces. The fix, replace the engine. This is the fourth KIA I have owned and it may be the last. I have contacted KIA customer support and they were not much help.”

Besides the issues discusses above, the Kia Optima has faced some serious engine reliability issues. Several of the complaints against the Optima mention excessive oil consumption, strange smoke from the tailpipe, and sudden stops. A user of the Optima 2016 model stated, “I was driving my car 2016 Kia Optima from Alpharetta to Decatur to attend church. I pulled into the parking lot of the church and parked. A few seconds after I parked, I began seeing lots of smoke coming from the right passenger side of the car. The police men who were in the parking lot directing traffic asked me to get out of the car quickly and began attempting to quench the fire with a fire extinguisher.” Another complaint against the same 2016 model was placed by another user, “My daughters 2016 Kia Optima is shutting off while driving. Sometimes it restarts after shutting down. Sometimes she has to hurry and put in neutral and restart as cars behind me don’t know the car has shut off. She feels very unsafe and is afraid someone is going to run into her. Took it to Kia dealer and they ran codes but nothing came up”. These issues can be extremely dangerous if not looked into at the right time.  

What Can I Do if My Kia Optima or Sorento is Subject Engine Failure?

Have you been noticing any severe or unrepaired engine issues with either your Kia Optima or Sorento, such as sudden stalls, excessive smoke, loud noises, or other problems? CCA’s team of experienced lawyers are here to guide you and help resolve your lemon law issues expeditiously and for a substantial settlement. Please feel free to reach out to us for a free hassle-free consultation regarding your vehicle. 

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Joe and Sabine D. v. General Motors

Condado de Ventura

Nuestros clientes, Joe y Sabine D., son una pareja de Thousand Oaks, California, que compraron un Chevrolet Camaro Convertible 2012 de Santa Paula Chevrolet, en julio de 2012, con ganas de tener años de disfrute de arriba hacia abajo.  Desafortunadamente, sus esperanzas se desvanecieron cuando el vehículo desarrolló una serie de ruidos chirriantes del motor, olores extraños, retiros, problemas interiores, problemas eléctricos y otros defectos de garantía.  Nuestros abogados pudieron resolver este caso aproximadamente tres veces más de lo que nuestros clientes habían comprado el automóvil.  Además, como parte del acuerdo, General Motors acordó pagar todos los honorarios y costos de abogados de nuestros clientes.

Mechanic working on a timing chain in a BMW.

BMW Timing Chain Defects

By: Nina Safi and Matthew Jordan

BMW boast of building the “Ultimate Driving Machines” based on their durable and powerful engines. While that may be true for some models of the company, the BMW N20 and N26 engines have failed drivers with faulty timing chain defects that have caused disastrous breakdowns and costly repairs up to $22,000!

What Are Timing Chain Defects?

The timing chain is a part of the engine that ensures smooth engine cylinder intake and exhaust strokes while remaining in proper synchronization with the crankshaft and cam shafts. In order for the car to operate, the engine’s valves need to open and close during intake and exhaust strokes. The timing chain device is responsible for making sure this happens through synchronization between the top half (camshaft attachment) and the bottom half (crankshaft attachment) of the engine. 

A recent class-action lawsuit with a focus on the N20 and N26 engines alleges that the timing chains in these engines (across a number of BMW models) create severe engine issues and in some cases, lead to total failure of the engine. BMW allegedly knowingly built these engines with defective primary and secondary chain assemblies. Both chain assemblies are made with subpar material compositions, and cannot withstand anywhere near the level of pressure that they should be able to withstand for thousands of miles. 

The following 2012-2015 BMW models have been affected by a damaged timing chain: 

  • BMW E84 (X1)
  • BMW E89 (Z4)
  • BMW F10 (5 series)
  • BMW F25 (X3) 
  • BMW F30 (3 Series)

(must also be equipped with N20 or N26 engine)

Many consumers that have noticed knocking sounds from their engines or had difficulty starting their cars received no substantive assistance from the dealership. Instead, they were advised to pay for repairs or replace the engine entirely. The plaintiffs of the case have done their own research and found that while there was an expected maintenance schedule listed in the owner’s manual of the vehicles, the manual mentioned nothing about inspections of timing chains and the possible errors that may have come with this crucial device. In other words, the consumers would have had no way of looking for signs and taking responsibility for any issues with the engine. It has been revealed that the automaker concealed knowledge about the timing chains, falsely assuming that there would be unnoticeable effects on the cars. 

How Have Consumers Been Affected?

There have been numerous complaints from BMW consumers who have been affected by a faulty timing chain. One said, “I’m just not understanding, a car is supposed to run like a machine and just barely touching 90,000 miles the timing chain will go like that.” Another even expressed concern regarding the safety alongside other grievances, saying “while I am concerned with the $12,000 repair bill, I am equally concerned about the danger that is posed by the sudden and complete disablement of the vehicle that could result in injury or death to the car owner or to another driver who encounters the disabled car on a busy highway.”

How Can We Help?

When you purchase a car in good faith, you deserve to receive a product that works both safely and efficiently. Our expert lemon law lawyers will make sure that you are well taken care of and fully compensated by BMW. Call us today for a free consultation: (833) LEMON-FIRM.